Personal Training

Personal training

I have three distinctive personal training packages to choose from, each suiting different lifestyles.

  • Vitality Plus package - perfect if the main aim for you is having more energy and core strength.
  • Body Transformation package - focuses on attaining visible physical results and an unbeatable fitness level.
  • Inner Glow package - ideal for people who are stressed out at the minute and want to achieve a more balanced state of mind.

Find out which personal training package is right for you

Vitality Plus

Is great for:

  • a health and energy boost
  • strengthening & maintaining bone density
  • combining stretching and calming disciplines with resistance training
  • a fit and lean physique

Body Transformation

Is ideal for:

  • the very best results
  • An ultra-toned body
  • Ultimate fitness
  • Incredible posture
  • Energy and vitality

Inner Glow

is designed to invoke:

  • serenity and calm,
  • a balance between mind and body,
  • deeper sleep, and a more relaxed attitude to life

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I also offer yoga & pilates classes for individuals and corporate fitness & well-being coaching for businesses.