About me

sara goodwin portraitSara Goodwin is a personal trainer with an obsession for fitness spanning over 20 years. Beginning her career as an economist, Sara lived in both Sydney and London. What she found out however, was that she worked to live, not lived to work. Her passion had always been wellness, not in profit and loss margins. Fate determined that no sooner had she qualified as a fitness instructor, that she was made redundant. Taking the decision to help other people achieve their fitness dreams full time, Sara Goodwin set herself up as a personal trainer, yoga teacher and Pilates instructor. She never looked back and to date has worked with over 2000 people to achieve their goals using her own unique methods.

What i offer

I offer Personal Training to enthusiastic and determined people who want help to get fit and achieve their goals. My clients realize they are feeling better about themselves and begin to enjoy the greater feeling of energy and improvement in self confidence. Increasingly I am being asked for help with conditions of stress, anxiety and depression.
Using my Yoga and Pilates qualifications in addition to my fitness training, I am now able to offer Stress Management and Depression support programmes not as a medical substitute, but as a support. My passion for fitness and all things health and wellness related, combined with my love of people and joy of helping others, plus my 20 years experience in the industry sets me apart from other fitness businesses.